Rules & Regulations Of The Karate Dojo (Club)
 A White Karate suit (Gi) should be worn with a belt showing your current grade.
 Every student should bow on entering and leaving the dojo and to their partner/opponent before and after any pair work.
 Every student should show respect for their Sensei (Instructor) and fellow Karate-ka.
 Never chew gum or wear any jewellery in the Dojo (training hall).
 Never act in a way that may show a lack of respect for the Dojo, Sensei, or other Karate-ka.
 Every student must have a valid licence registration which is registered with the National Governing Body through your association (E.K.D.F.) and renewed yearly. Any out of date licences will be back dated to the last expiry date unless a student has not been training, It will then start from their commencement of training.
 Grading will be allowed at the discretion of the Instructors.
 A minimum of three months training between grading will apply for lower Kyu grades and longer periods for senior grades, with a minimum of twice a week training, Attendance & attitude taken in to consideration. Remember, a grading is not a reward given by the Instructors, but rather an examination where, if you reach the necessary standard, you will be entitled to the grade.
 Grading is only to help students develop and not the sole purpose of Karate training. People develop at different rates or have faults that may take a longer to rectify, so gradings are not necessarily regular.
 Any student that has not trained once within the last 6 months will have to wear a white belt on their return (Instructor’s Discretion) to the Dojo until such time as the Instructor/s  believe he/she have reached their original grade standard, unless, he \she has been injured and unable to train. This may take weeks of regular training to bring you back up to the required standard and fitness.
 Any student that has an out of date licence will be unable to train for insurance reasons until it has been renewed (no exceptions)
 New students (Beginners) can train twice then they must have a valid E.K.D.F. / E.K.F. licence purchased through their club secretary.
 The Instructors decisions regarding a grading or in respect of the needs of students isfinal.